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2017年12月28日 (木)

Shangrao City, the first primary celebration of New Year's Day dumpling labor grading activities

In order to promote the traditional festival culture, let students learn to make traditional Chinese food, know the origins and making methods of dumplings, enhance students' interest in national culture, cultivate their practical abilities and experience the joy of work, and promote the friendship between students. December 25 Day, the first primary school in Shangrao City, sixth grade students and parents to carry out the "pattern Welcome dumplings, warm students with" dumpling labor grading activities.The hong kong university scholarship for outstanding international students and local students who admitted to its programmes in Hong Kong.

At 13:30 in the afternoon, the activity entered the preparatory stage, arranging tables, taking tools and posing materials, and the students were busy in full swing. Ready, students can not wait to rush to the table, they 捋 up their sleeves, gearing up, eager to try. Some students dexterous, wrapped dumplings exquisite chic, they are not satisfied with the shape of traditional dumplings, playing a variety of patterns, an instant, emerged a large number of features such as sunflowers, big ingot dumplings. Look at the various shapes of dumplings, so that judges jubilant. Some students carefully holding the dough in one hand and holding the stuffed dumpling in the other did not coordinate their actions. However, the serious momentum was enough to make the teachers touched. In the laughter, a plate of steaming dumplings on the table. Students are extremely happy to share, but also did not forget to invite teachers and parents to taste the fruits of their work. Laughter, cheers, played a wonderful and harmonious song of joy, the whole atmosphere warm.Searching for the best restaurants, quality hotels and ? The QTS Scheme is the city's recognised stamp of excellent service quality.


This activity combines the New Year's activities with the sixth-grade labor grading activity of our school, such as dumplings, deepening students 'love of labor sense, training students' hands-on ability, helping children to learn from each other in dumplings Mutual learning has enhanced the friendship between classmates, brought each other closer to each other, and made everyone feel the joy of welcoming the New Year and the harmony and warmth of this extended family wset.

« Ten days of thin ten catties | トップページ | Primary Pioneer Primary Representative »






« Ten days of thin ten catties | トップページ | Primary Pioneer Primary Representative »