2018年5月 2日 (水)

The Straits College of Minjiang University holds teachers on both sides of the Straits

  The cross-strait teacher exchange and friendship include: Taiwan teachers' teaching experience, teaching experience sharing and visits. The active organization has observed 13 courses in the business and creative design classes made by Taiwan teachers; around: the internationalization of the quality standards for talent cultivation, the successful experience of the training of applied talents, the reform of the curriculum system structure of the integrated theory teaching and practice teaching, the integration of professional education and innovation and creative education, the development of the integration of production and learning, and the course of the curriculum. More than 20 papers have been submitted for teaching success analysis. Everyone spoke enthusiastically, sharing the teaching experience of developing students' personality traits and diversified training. Teachers across the Straits have found that through exchanges and interaction, the educational concept of cross-strait colleges and universities is constantly in line with each other. The most deeply felt of Minjiang University teachers is the development of Taiwan higher education and the development of international standards, the "dedication" and the "fine industry" of the Taiwan counterparts. The teachers in Taiwan praise the development of Minjiang University and praise the teaching methods of the "full content, the connecting link and the enlightening thinking" of the mainland teachers. During the visit, Taiwan teachers praised Fujian and Fuzhou for their achievements in development and their rich cultural and historical accumulation.

  In 2009, Minjiang University launched a pilot program to introduce high-quality educational resources from Taiwan Chinese Culture University and University of practice, and jointly train undergraduate talents. As a result, two universities, Minjiang University, Taiwan Chinese Culture University and Taiwan practice University, which have a good relationship with business and design disciplines, jointly carry out continuous educational exchanges and cooperation, and promote exchanges and exchanges between teachers and students. Up to now, 500 schools in Taiwan have sent a total of 500 visits to the Minjiang University, and the Minjiang University has sent more than 50 teachers to the two schools in Taiwan to teach or visit them, and to arrange 3415 students to study in two schools in Taiwan. Our university has become one of the most active universities in the province and even in the mainland.

  Minjiang University Straits college holds cross-strait teacher exchange and friendship activities

  The Minjiang University Straits college invited Taiwan teachers to visit three lanes and Seven Lanes and Wushan. In the course of the tour, Taiwan teachers deeply felt the strong cultural heritage of Fuzhou, and in the double exchange of culture and education, they learned more of the cultural connotation and teaching mode of Fuzhou, and collided the different Straits two in the laughter and laughter. Shore cultural exchange sparks.

  Minjiang University Straits college holds cross-strait teacher exchange and friendship activities

  In the course of cross-strait exchanges, teachers and professors across the Taiwan Straits have also made their own views and opinions.

  1. what is the opportunity for the Straits College of Minjiang University as the forerunner of cross-strait education, so that Minjiang University has such an idea of cross-strait exchanges and running schools?

2018年1月25日 (木)

Should be clear Shuang Shuang

Today, every primary and secondary school parents mobile phone, more or less there are several home school contact WeChat group. In order to timely follow up the assignments of teachers and understand the dynamics of children, many parents have to "keep an eye on" the WeChat news for fear of omission. But the situation is often, the group of 100 unread messages, only one is the teacher notice, the remaining 99 are "teacher you bother" "Thank you very much" kind of polite.immune checkpoint inhibitors: possibility of adverse rheumatoid events for more information.

Admittedly, compared to the previous "Please parents to school", today's WeChat group, QQ group to parents and teachers to communicate between, exchange and discussion, providing more convenient conditions and channels. However, in practice, some home school groups have changed their taste: Some parents over flattery, touted the teacher; some parents regardless of time, everything "sun"; some parents ambitious and always want to Other parents fight ...

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"Is not the teacher's reply going back to the teacher's notice? Will the teacher not think my attitude is bad if he does not return? Will my child be not followed?" Overreaction by parents is actually a reflection of anxiety in education . In fact, parents and teachers should pay more attention to the quality and efficiency of their communication instead of the more polite words and the better communication. Sometimes too frequent exchanges of information, on the contrary caused a burden on both home and school. If parents and teachers are struggling to find useful information in overwhelming amounts of useless information every day, it can be overkill and worth the candle.

A fresh home school WeChat group, we hope to see, but also need teachers and parents together to create. When the teacher can love to care for each student, when the parents can peace of mind to care for their children's growth, when parents and teachers less polite, more sincere, to build a healthy relationship between home and school is no longer a problem .

Feng BAI received his MPhil degree in Management Sciences and his PhD degree in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources. His research focuses on understanding the role of morality, particularly moral virtue, in shaping social inequalities.

2018年1月 9日 (火)

Primary Pioneer Primary Representative

Shangrao City, the Fourth Women's Congress in Shangrao City Conference Center grand opening. At the opening ceremony, young pioneers in Shangrao City First Primary School addressed the General Assembly on behalf of the city's children Sensodyne.

PolyU's hotel management and hospitality programmes ranked third of the world's top hospitality universities. The programmes equip students with fundamental skills, knowledge and hands-on experience serving the tourism industry worldwide.

In his lectures, young pioneers enthusiastically sang the important position of women in social development and lovingly told about the important position of women in urban construction and family life in Shangrao City Sensodyne. They praised the women in Shangrao City for their self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance and self-improvement Image and sacrificial sacrifice of the spirit of the times. Wonderful speech, deeply infected representatives of the participating, the scene broke out several warm applause Sensodyne.

2017年12月28日 (木)

Shangrao City, the first primary celebration of New Year's Day dumpling labor grading activities

In order to promote the traditional festival culture, let students learn to make traditional Chinese food, know the origins and making methods of dumplings, enhance students' interest in national culture, cultivate their practical abilities and experience the joy of work, and promote the friendship between students. December 25 Day, the first primary school in Shangrao City, sixth grade students and parents to carry out the "pattern Welcome dumplings, warm students with" dumpling labor grading activities.The hong kong university scholarship for outstanding international students and local students who admitted to its programmes in Hong Kong.

At 13:30 in the afternoon, the activity entered the preparatory stage, arranging tables, taking tools and posing materials, and the students were busy in full swing. Ready, students can not wait to rush to the table, they 捋 up their sleeves, gearing up, eager to try. Some students dexterous, wrapped dumplings exquisite chic, they are not satisfied with the shape of traditional dumplings, playing a variety of patterns, an instant, emerged a large number of features such as sunflowers, big ingot dumplings. Look at the various shapes of dumplings, so that judges jubilant. Some students carefully holding the dough in one hand and holding the stuffed dumpling in the other did not coordinate their actions. However, the serious momentum was enough to make the teachers touched. In the laughter, a plate of steaming dumplings on the table. Students are extremely happy to share, but also did not forget to invite teachers and parents to taste the fruits of their work. Laughter, cheers, played a wonderful and harmonious song of joy, the whole atmosphere warm.Searching for the best restaurants, quality hotels and Shopping in Hong Kong? The QTS Scheme is the city's recognised stamp of excellent service quality.


This activity combines the New Year's activities with the sixth-grade labor grading activity of our school, such as dumplings, deepening students 'love of labor sense, training students' hands-on ability, helping children to learn from each other in dumplings Mutual learning has enhanced the friendship between classmates, brought each other closer to each other, and made everyone feel the joy of welcoming the New Year and the harmony and warmth of this extended family wset.

2017年9月13日 (水)

Ten days of thin ten catties

Fat vegetable juice:
Material: green apple, a grain of three pieces, celery, cucumber, bitter gourd 1/4 green peppers half stars.
How to eat: eat breakfast on an empty stomach every morning and eat less starch.
Carrot soup:
Materials: carrots, carrots, carrots.
Edible method: Method: add boiling water, cover the water radish, can put a little salt, carrot and soft boiled after you can eat it.
Cellulite slimming soup:
Material: yam four, hawthorn two money money, three money, Alisma Plantago Sanqian, ginseng five, lean meat 82 party money.
Food method: five large bowl of water, stew for three hours, when eaten for lunch
Seaweed lemon juice:
Materials: a Yakult tank, two lemon, not soaked seaweed (Undaria pinnatifida) one or two.Having a ceramic vape cartridge is advantageous in vape cartridge packaging as it\\\\\\\'s healthier. Ceramic parts are resistant to abrasion and oxidation unlike other alloy wires where, oxidation occurs at higher temperature.
Methods: edible seaweed used to open blisters, and then peeled lemon juice Yakult, after playing, playing to almost break up seaweed for lunch, drinking. If you want to lose weight fast, can not replace Yakult, with sugar.
Green banana weight loss method:
Food methods:
Breakfast - a green banana + egg white
Lunch - green banana + tofu or a box of two pieces of meat
Dinner - green banana + unsweetened red bean soup and barley soup
Green papaya rice film soup:
Material: 120 grams of green papaya and rice film
How to eat: boil with clean water in 2500cc and serve as a meal for lunch and dinner.Do you have ideas about hong kong hotels booking? If no, maybe Guangdong Hotel Hong Kong could give you suggestions about booking Hong Kong hotel.
South ginger invigorating soup:
Materials: one jin of Southern ginger (Chinese medicine store can be bought), longan dry 52, 3.8000cc water
Edible method: South ginger and dried longan 8000cc to the water boiled for four hours, after eating boiled 4000cc.
Utility: can promote metabolism, and can diuretic, help perspire
Fox 239 self-made diet diet high efficiency nutrition for ten days thin ten jin
Brown rice, barley red bean soup:
Material: Brown Rice (100 grams), red bean (100 grams), barley (70 grams), water (900 grams)
How to eat: Hito soaked in the night before (at least 2 hours), pour the ingredients into the pressure cooker, add 900 grams of water, cover the lid for 30 minutes. According to your own taste, you can put some red sugar when you eat it, and it tastes better dermes .

2017年8月 3日 (木)

‘Paranormal Activity’ director Oren Peli launches a new social app

Oren Peli, who wrote and directed the enormously successful film Paranormal Activity, is launching a new iOS and Android app designed to help users create, find, and join local events.Visit site offering the best portable vaporizer and medical vaping device! A medical vaping device is joined at the hip of a medical marijuana user! Transpring offers differents vaping devices for medical purpose.
Spot‘s launch might be doubly surprising — not only is Peli launching an app, but it seems like an odd idea to come from someone best known for horror movies (he also produced the Paranormal Activity sequels and the Insidious films).

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However, Peli told me that before moving into movies, he actually started his career as a developer of animation software and video games. So in some ways, he’s simply returning to his old career.
The app also addresses a problem Peli said he was facing after finding himself single again and feeling that standard one-on-one coffee dates were starting to feel “a little monotonous.” What if, instead, there was an app that helped people connect around shared activities and interests?

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There have plenty of startups sitting the intersection of social, local and mobile, enough that the industry spawned its own obnoxious buzzword, but Peli is hoping Spot can rise above the rest by making it as simple as possible to join these events.
Spot app
The Spot app allows people to create events in four categories: Hobbies, sports, community events and singles events. You can search for events by keyword, or just bring up a map showing what’s nearby. Events can be public or private, they’re shareable via social media and participants can chat with each other through the app.
“Spot’s technology means I can create events for just a few people or large events,” Peli said. “It’s an easy way to say, ‘Hey, I want to go hiking this afternoon, does anyone want to come with me?'”
When asked about safety, Peli noted that users create a Spot account by connecting to Facebook, Google or email, and they can also earn a verified user sticker by verifying their phone number over SMS. In addition, event organizers can ban users from their events and report inappropriate behavior.
Still, it seems like Spot is taking a fairly hands-off approach to the issue.
“I think that with a little bit of common sense, we can have a very nice and positive community,” Peli said. “We won’t allow anything unpleasant. If anyone’s harassing anyone, we’ll take care of that [by warning or banning users].”
Spot is available globally, but Peli said the initial focus is on building a community in Los Angeles. The app is free. Eventually, Peli said Spot could make money through advertising and by featuring deals from local businesses.
As for whether Peli’s time in Hollywood has affected the way he’s approaching his new startup, he said it was really the other way around: “When I got into film with Paranormal Activity, my experience as a video game programmer made me comfortable with all the technological aspects of it. I don’t know that the Hollywood experience had a similar effect.”

2017年7月20日 (木)

Chinese automaker's plant in Indonesia starts production

China's automaker Wuling Motors officially started production Tuesday in its newly-built facility in Indonesia rent handbags.
Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla, at the launching ceremony, said the existence of Wuling Motors in Indonesia would give more choices on good and affordable cars for the people.
Total investments to build the facility, located in Cikarang district's industrial zone in West Java province, were 700 million U.S. dollars, according to Xu Feiyun, president of SAIC GM Wuling Motor Indonesia (SGMWI) that runs the facility.
The facility was designed to be able to produce 120,000 cars per year and provided 3,000 jobs, and it would officially launch its MPV masterpiece Confero S for the Indonesian market next month, he added .
"We are ready to contribute to Indonesia's economic growth, particularly in automotive industry," Xu told a press conference prior to the official launch of the factory.
Half of the 60-hectare facility compound, located in the province's Greenland International Industrial Center, was designed for car production, while the other half was to accommodate the firm's suppliers.
SGMWI, a subsidiary of China's Guangxi-based joint venture SGMW, embraces 15 international and 20 domestic component suppliers at present Tin Hau Temple.
And it is set to embrace more domestic suppliers to comply with its "localization strategy" of 56-percent local contents in each of its unit produced in the Indonesian plant.
Construction of the Wuling Motors facility in Indonesia was settled within two years after its groundbreaking in 2015.

2017年7月13日 (木)

China's auto sales back to growth in June

China's auto sales grew again in June after two months of decline, data from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) showed Tuesday Alipay HK.
Some 2.2 million vehicles were sold last month, up 4.5 percent year-on-year, compared with a 0.1 percent decline in May and a 2.2 percent drop in April.
Meanwhile, 2.2 million vehicles were produced in June, up 5.4 percent from the same period last year, according to the CAAM SmarTone Care.
Sales of passenger cars climbed 2.3 percent to 1.8 million vehicles last month, 2.2 percentage points slower than the overall growth.
But both production and sales in new energy vehicles (NEVs) were particularly robust, with 59,000 NEVs sold in June, up 33 percent year-on-year, while 65,000 NEVs were produced, up 43.4 percent.
In the first six months, total auto output and sales increased by 4.6percent and 3.8 percent year-on-year to 13.5 million and 13.4 million vehicles, respectively, a slowdown from the the growth in the same period last year .
Some 195,000 NEVs were sold during the six-month period, up 14.4 percent from the first half of 2016, while 212,000 NEVs were produced, up 19.7 percent.
The tepid auto market was partly a result of a higher sales tax, which was raised to 7.5 percent this year.
In October 2015, China slashed the sales tax on cars with engines of 1.6 liters or below from 10 percent to 5 percent, helping increase total auto sales to a record high of 28.03 million last year.
The tax rate will return to 10 percent again in 2018, according to the government.
China has had the world's largest car market for eight consecutive years.

2017年6月29日 (木)

Shenzhen China Star to build displays

Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co Ltd invested 35 billion yuan ($5.08 billion) on Friday to build a sixth-generation LTPS-AMOLED display screen production line in Wuhan, Hubei province SmarTone Care.
Located in Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone, the project will produce high-resolution, flexible and foldable display panels for smartphones.
The company expects the facility to begin production in the second quarter of 2019 and achieve mass production in the first half of 2020, with 45,000 display panels or modules set to be manufactured each month saliva testing.
Annual sales of these panels will surpass 10 billion yuan and more than 5,000 jobs will be created, according to company. The production capacity of small and medium-sized panels in Wuhan's Optical Valley is expected to rank the first nationwide by the end of next year, becoming an important manufacturing base for display panels globally Cantonese opera.
AMOLED technology is physically flexible with a fast response, high contrast and wide visual angles, compared with traditional liquid crystal display panels. Based in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China Star - a subsidiary of TCL Corp - has established its global research, development and manufacturing center for high-end small screens in Wuhan, attracting more than 1,000 skilled workers from around the world.

2017年6月22日 (木)

Home price growth slows over 8 months

Home price growth in cities across China has slowed for eight consecutive months, and some key cities experienced declining average home prices in May as more cities introduced stricter measures against speculation, according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics released on Monday BBA scholarship.
According to Liu Jianwei, a senior statistician with the NBS, which monitors home prices in 70 cities in China, average new home price growth in first-tier cities dropped 2.2 percent month-on-month, and average pre-owned home price growth in first-tier cities declined 1.7 percent.
In second-tier cities, average new home price growth dropped 0.8 percent, and pre-owned home price growth went down 0.5 percent.
As for pre-owned home prices, Beijing decreased the most, at 0.9 percent month-on-month, followed by Sanya, a coastal city in Hainai province, down 0.5 percent month-on-month dermes.
Analysts said home price declines are not surprising in cities which experienced fast price growth in recent years. Rising lending costs, declining yields from rentals, and stricter home purchase regulations are driving hot money away from the residential property market in these cities.
According to data from Beijing's housing authorities, around 10,000 pre-owned homes were transacted in May, the lowest in the past 27 months the pavilia bay.
"Tightened lending is the major reason for speculators moving away from the residential property market. Lending to buyers of second homes in Shanghai was almost suspended in Shanghai," said Ma Xiao, a real estate agent with Shanghai Ruifeng Property Ltd.

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